CLIENT: Del Banco Meyer & Company Ltd

SIZE: 8,000 Sq. ft.

STATUS: Completed

YEAR: Completed Autumn 2015

The Brinsmead Piano Factory was located in the west wing of this Victorian warehouse. Originally built by John Brinsmead, a self-made man who during the course of the 19th Century became one of Britain’s most prosperous piano makers.

The project is comprised of two distinct parts: six loft-style apartments in the converted warehouse, in addition to which a three bedroom house was located in the former showroom building.

Each flat features thoughtful and high-quality details that marry the building’s original design with its new residential use and contemporary interiors.

The three storey former showroom has been extensively re-designed. The second floor extension was rebuilt, with the exterior clad in a standing-seam zinc system. Helping provide aural protection the west elevation, facing an adjacent railway line, was designed as a solid wall, whilst all openings in the building were specifically designed to augment an overall acoustic strategy. On the top floor the living area features a fully glazed east facing facade with metal privacy fins, and features a generous skylight, maximizing its natural light.