Brook Primary School

We worked as lead consultants for The London Borough of Hackney and The Learning Trust on the process of renewing Brook Community Primary School to deliver a Fresh Start. The school was given a new identity, provided with the highest standards in education for pupils, and turned into a valuable asset for the wider community. On completion in 2007, the project won a Hackney Design Award.

Through early involvement in the development of the new identity we undertook substantial works for the continuing evolution of the school. These began early to allow the community to feel that the Fresh Start was making a real impact on the life of the school. We arranged for the quick replacement of run-down temporary classrooms with a lovely bumpy yellow soft-playground and formed two new classrooms in the main body of the school. These and other Precedent Projects were soon joined by a major works programme in the existing Victorian building.

The scheme included the addition of a spectacular access and identity-giving entrance and a pink glazed Mirador or three storey balcony on the north elevation, including generous break-out spaces for reading, recovery, and other informal uses. The Mirador also houses the new lift, making all main floors of the existing building accessible, including the playground on the roof.