From the outset of a project, we believe that defining local context - aesthetic, economic and political - is key to generating a site’s potential value. With studios in London and Glasgow, whether working in the UK or further afield, our work is energised by a deep understanding of prevailing local conditions. .


We think that producing effective design requires a holistic overview - and in our desire to deliver innovative, thoughtful, and above all sustainable design, we continuously challenge the team to address the bigger picture. To do so we strive to remain flexible - working with clients at every stage of a development, across typologies, and in various types of partnership.


CSA has a history of fostering highly successful long-term relationships, both within the industry and beyond. Whether working alongside our sister construction company, Built Ltd, partnering with repeat clients, or collaborating with a diverse range of consultants and specialists, our expertise in leading multidisciplinary teams is something we are proud of.


We are always looking for talented and experienced individuals to join the team. If you think you’d like to join the team please email your CV to .