Commonwealth Cubes

by Carson & Partners

Client: City Legacy
Value:  Confidential
Date: 2011-2014
Status: Completed 2014 and Reconfigured 2016

The East End of Glasgow is peppered with simple, homemade structures that emerge seemingly randomly in areas that were once a bustling part of the 19th century industrial city.  These intriguing structures, known as ‘doocots’, are based on the traditional pigeon loft but are now used in a ‘game’ where owners attempt to take possession of each other's birds by having them fly from doocot to doocot.  
Traditional doocots were generally cellular and square on plan. These ‘human-cots’ are simply a series of replicated 2-bed apartments, designed on a square grid and rotated around a central vertical core. Ideally suited to mass production, square in plan, and square in section, ‘the Cubes’ nevertheless retain some individuality. Rotating the plan allowed variance on the elevation and their scale was visually reduced by introducing double height openings, which  take on an inhabited ‘rubix a’ effect.