Open Door

Date: 2012
Client: Open Door
Location: Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Budget: Not disclosed

Our client set us a major challenge to produce a well being centre in a deprived area of Grimsby in Lincolnshire; delivering a 30% clinical, 70% social mix of uses. The proposal will play a pivotal role in the urban regeneration of a deprived area. The centre positively transforms the urban condition of the surrounding area by creating a landmark destination and a vital amenity within a complex social context.

Jane Cummings, England’s Chief Nursing Officer, said:

“This is a fantastic building for a fantastic service. Open Door provides quality health and social care services to people who might otherwise struggle to access them. As the national Director for nursing, I think it’s fantastic to see a service where nurses, support staff and medical staff all work together to meet the needs of people who sometimes have quite complex problems.”