Roadworks demonstrated how the combined talents of fine artists, architects, graphic designers and musicians can bring new and unexpected meaning and value to the familiar and everyday. For the duration of the Camden Mix Festival, Roadworks overturned the impersonal and utilitarian space of the bus shelter to create an imaginative and playful alternative.

One in a series of ambitious projects which focused on the urban environment as a site for works that develop notions of public art. The works resulted from an unprecedented collaboration between leading musicians and practitioners of the visual arts and explore ways in which the meaning and significance of works of art are read against the context in which they are experienced.

Selected artists, designers, architects, and musicians were allotted centrally located bus-shelters in London. These sites are so replete with cultural and social meanings that no theme or agenda would match their richness. In the end, the participants brought such diverse (and personal) interests to bear that our wildest hopes for the project proved to be not nearly ambitious enough. If we’d have directed the project towards a specific agenda it would not have turned out so magnificently.