Venice Biennale

Date: 2006
Client: Competition
Location: Venice
Budget: Not disclosed

This project explored the theme of the 10th Venice Biennale of Cities, Architecture and Society. We imagined the architectural consequences of the city edge as a brand environment, where Dalston is remade at speed in the likeness of a global marketplace following Abercombie’s promise for it to be a major cultural interchange.

In our new Bespoke Architecture, each project is made to appear to precisely fit and flatter its owner, the individualities of their shape, and the peculiarities of their aspirations. The question of how this portrait can be reconciled with wider urban and global environmental concerns, lies at the heart of any agenda that promises to negotiate successfully between the individual and collective.

Our working therefore seeks to recognise individual contributions, favouring the aspirations and conditions of habitation over an affectation of form, pattern and structure. We want to establish a social dimension common to all building types that permits new looser uses of space in offices, homes, and schools, examining constructive behavioural patterns for a programmatically driven architecture.

Produced in response to an invitation from the Royal College of Art to contribute to the 10th Venice International Biennale in the Italian Pavillion.