Vodafone Headquarters, Lisbon

This award winning, £1 million project for Vodafone’s headquarters in Lisbon creates a three-dimensional brand experience for visitors and employees. The new reception is set within an 80 metre glass enclosure and includes a 2 way reception station and other pieces of interactive furniture. The data cube forms an impressive centre point in the public space outside the entrance to the building. An iconic, interactive 4 sq.m. structure made from steel and LEDs, its content includes news, information, advertising, animation and games

The objective of the project was to create an environment that offered visitors to the headquarters an opportunity to experience Vodafone's brand values. The project is thereforeconcerned with how people behave and their relationship with their mobile device. The outcome of embedding the technology within the architecture allows the viewer to interact with a 16 square meter display using their mobile phones and via interfaced furniture. A re-imagined reception area, meeting spaces and branding for the international communications giant results in an interactive 3m LED cube that transforms public space in Lisbon.

The client welcomed the cube as a perfect realisation of the company’s raison d’être. It turns downtime into uptime – waiting becomes an engrossing activity. Even more powerfully it insinuates itself into lifestyle. The Cube is strategically positioned within a field of vision embracing both visitors to the HQ and a significant public route, and through its interactive content, it modifies public space itself.